Gaia-7000 genesis file, open window for additions?

Can there be a limited open window to submit validator candidates for 7000 genesis file inclusion? I feel this would be fair, as 6002 bugs locked many of us out of validating, despite our best efforts!

@chris-chainflow Stay tuned! We will be adding more folks to gaia-7000


Sweet. Thanks for considering new comers like us :slight_smile:
We’ll try hard and break the next one too!

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According to @adrian in Riot, the window for genesis file inclusion opens tomorrow for 24 hours.

@adrian or @jack What info will we need to provide and what steps will we need to take, in order to be included? It would be helpful to prep in advance, to have the best chance of hitting the 24 hour window.

We will be posting on the forum and in riot when we are starting that process. It will be very easy (just running gaiad gentx using your priv_validator.json and inputting the data into a google form). I think the current plan is to have the form up for about 48 hours (over the weekend) to allow validators to show interest in standing up the new testnet.

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