Gaia-7004 launching

Gaia-7004 has been replaced by gaia-7005 Launching Gaia-7005

Gaia-7003 died as foretold by the fuzzer.

Gaia-7004 :rocket: launching.
We dumped the state and removed and slashed the Revoked Validators to nothing. Bad luck guys :slight_smile:

Our new genesis file is

We are using the same version of as in gaia-7003 gaiad version0.23.1-23e3d5ac.

How to upgrade?

If you were running on gaia-7003, upgrading will be simple.

Stop gaiad on your server.

rm ~/.gaiad/config/genesis.json
cd ~/.gaiad/config/
gaiad unsafe_reset_all

start gaiad again

Your config.toml should remain the same and following seeds should work.

seeds = ",,"

We have experienced some problems with the seed nodes ourselves. Still looking into it but consider adding peers from to seeds/persistent peers if you have having trouble connecting to the network.

Validator’s hangout in Riot Chat.

Validators chat in! and!


Due to a bug with CTRL+C after a consensus failure, you will probably have to kill -9 your current gaiad instance to stop it.


You can check if you’re up on 7004 here, while we’re waiting for blocks -

Compliments of @slamper :slight_smile:

Up here, and prevote ok. lets do it 7004

Voyager our UI has just been updated with gaia-7004 support.

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Great news. Cosmos team is fast and efficient. :rainbow: