Launching Gaia-7005


Gaia-7004 died from known bugs. We are waiting for review to complete and PRs to be merged for the launch of Gaia-8000.

in the meantime, Gaia-7005 :rocket: launching.

Instead of deleting revoked validators this time, I just unrevoked everyone. We shall see if it works.

Our new genesis file is

We are using the same version of as in gaia-7003 gaiad version0.23.1-23e3d5ac.

How to upgrade?

If you were running on gaia-7003, upgrading will be simple.

Stop gaiad on your server.

rm ~/.gaiad/config/genesis.json
cd ~/.gaiad/config/
gaiad unsafe_reset_all

start gaiad again

Your config.toml should remain the same and following seeds should work.

Seed nodes are live

seeds = ",,"

We have experienced some problems with the seed nodes ourselves. Still looking into it but consider adding peers from to seeds/persistent peers if you have having trouble connecting to the network.

Validator’s hangout in Riot Chat.

Validators chat in! and!

Gaia-7004 launching


Here are my peer addresses.


Some more from Staking Facilities. Just add as Persistent Peer :slight_smile:



My peer:


my peer:




Crytter: 467b0c5d21df4273a84a557e2a6c848feb11cf35@


address: 8F06FE1FD042683C426137FBC4BBAA4288924217@


chainflow08 is running

#11 sentries:

2968891ca5af419c5fdc7ec4fbc95a8425c4e759@ (aws/eu-central-1a)
5c2b839d80681b0b197c5f4c7a0e6e2c57a100ff@ (aws/eu-central-1b)
07d4e8eb31bdc058e5b9f632d0a0c67861ea85f8@ (aws/eu-central-1c)


Here are my peer addresses:,


Here are our shensi network peer address:


Here are our InsChain peer addresses of sentry nodes:



My validator got revoked,can someone help on how to unrevoke.When I run gaiacli stake unrevoke with all flags it still gives expected 1 argument,received 0 as error


Be careful, if I am not mistaken this is how we’ve killed 700X twice now…