Launching gaia-7003

#Update July 29th: Gaia-7004 is live Gaia-7004 launching

Hello Cosmonauts,

We’ve had a number of launches that ended in spontaneous disassembly of the rocket.

Hopefully gaia-7003 is the one the takes off. is live for gaia-7003.

The genesis file is here: No one was removed from the genesis of 7002 but we did increase the stake of our most active contributors a bunch for a faster launch.

You must use gaiad version 0.23.1-23e3d5ac to connect to this testnet.

At this time, these seeds are operating correctly.

# Comma separated list of seed nodes to connect to
seeds = "5922bf29b48a18c2300b85cc53f424fce23927ab@,,,"

Some additional resources.

  1. You can get some additional persistent peers/seed nodes from

  2. We have a compatible voyager release:

  3. Get some steak from the faucet:

The documentation here will come up to date in the next days. If you are unfamiliar with our development processes I recommend checking back with us on the 28th for more help coming online.

Validators chat in! and!


Some people have been having some issues due to overwriting the tag associated with v0.23.1.

Be sure to check that your gaiad version is 23e3d5ac, not 02d52e43.

If your gaiad version is wrong, just run git checkout 23e3d5ac12145c02fcb4b4767d7dfccad782aee5


go to gaia-7003!!:space_invader:

Increasing steaks of participants has been a good proposal. But I think, some of us, due to intrepid testing and/or lack of skills have lost their keys, corrupted files, even destroy entire machines… We are testing, don’t we?
It would be nice for a next version to start a new gent-tx or may be 2 gen-tx per person to speed up the launch process.

i am up

“jsonrpc”: “2.0”,
“id”: “”,
“result”: {
“listening”: true,
“listeners”: [
“n_peers”: “11”,

“Vote{97:E42F8AEABB68 1/00/1(Prevote) 4AD01A318FB6 /A3F7C04E0414…/ @ 2018-07-27T10:00:42.925Z}”,

thanks for the work cosmos team.

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GOGO 7003!!! lunamint is ready!

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Hi Testnet validators,

Internal fuzz testing caught a bug that could result in a future crash of Gaia-7003.

The team currently prefer doing a release of gaia v0.24 and spinning up a Gaia-8000 testnet.

i am going manage Gaia-8000 side of things and will keep you apprised.

If we crash before the end of the day or if v0.24 weeks a way , I will request a v0.23.2 and gaia-7004