Game of Stakes Updates

Open Game of Stakes software issues.

Still have a lot of open issues at the moment.

The probability of pushing back the start of the game is rising.

Thanks Michelle. Here’s a blog post covering the highlights from the webinar. Looking forward to colluding with some, but not all of you on GoS :sunglasses:

I started working the Game of Stakes genesis file.

To check if you made it in, recover your key with the v0.26.1 gaiacli and see if your address is in the genesis file below.

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Just pushed some more genesis state updates based on corrects we have been informed of since the last update.

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If you are checking for your address in genesis.json, all addresses are converted from how they were submitted to the cosmos prefixed format.

You can use a small program to do so or recover your keys in gaiacli v0.26

let bech32 = require("bech32")
let a = bech32.decode("cosmosaccaddr1uwgyzw8mdsaxcmuy28lz79q3xznlnqmpsvkdmr")

What expect next from Game of Stakes

So we said Monday for Game of Stakes and we are having a meeting Monday morning Pacific time to make a call on when exactly we will launch.

Gaia-9001 is going amazing so we are definitely nearly there.

You are already seeing early game of stakes style competition with validators moving to quickly withdraw and bond their inflationary rewards.

There are some things we’ve been thinking about.


One of things I am thinking about is setting the min and max inflation such that large inflation doesn’t kick until after the Tendermint validators unbind.

This makes it a much smaller advantage to start your validator immediately at genesis and makes things fairer for people in all timezones.

Think can be done setting a min inflation of 1% and max inflation of 1000% and allocation 90% of starting tokens to the Tendermint validators.

We are having a meeting Monday morning Pacific time to discuss timing out GoS launch but I don’t want anyone to stay awake all night and I think this is a viable solution.

Software Updates

Attacks like Interaction between non-continuity of inflation and proposer reward · Issue #2763 · cosmos/cosmos-sdk · GitHub are exactly the kind of thing we would like to see in Game Of Stakes but we don’t attackers to be able to block network upgrades.

When there are Tendermint proposed upgrades/ fixes / changes to the state machine, we will only consider a blockchain that incorporates them when recommending winners to the Interchain Foundation.

Governance Challenge

Other than the situation above, we will consider governance binding. If players decide to use governance to upgrade to a non Tendermint produced version of the software we will give the proposer a substantial stake reward from the Tendermint stake wallet.

Distribution of the Winners.

We intend to use pretty broad discretion in deciding how to recommend winners to the Interchain Foundation. If we lots of interesting and novel behavior we will probably have a robust set of 2nd, 3rd and 4th place winners. If we see mostly defensive behavior, we will recommend a broader distribution to everyone who credibly participated.


We will also use our discretion to disqualify players who are exploiting undisclosed vulnerability or abusing the system by for instance delegating all their stake together.

We want to see interesting attacks like #2673 rather than abuses of the system.


Hi zaki .I does not find my address cosmosaccaddr12hqns2dc9zuzmyukehmvvvhzymyudgrxp5v640 in the genesis file. my register name is jinbin

Hi zaki , I recover my keys in gaiacli v0.26, get new addresscosmos12hqns2dc9zuzmyukehmvvvhzymyudgrxxjsfkj but does not find the address in game_of_stakes/ genesis.json
My regitster name is jinbin .

Hi Jinbin you received a rejection response which is why you aren’t in the genesis file. Unfortunately, you didn’t sign the waiver. We needed actual signatures on the waivers.

Hi , MichelleL . I remember I have sign the waiver. Pls check the recorder.

I sign the waiver at 2018-10-12

Hi , MichelleL. I also submit my id card photograph.

hey @MichelleL , my submission has been approved too, but my address not in genesis file yet. username:sebytza05, thanks

Jinbin You typed in your name, we actually needed it signed. We sent you a message with this information

Please provide link to your submission in an email

Sorry , I signed it .

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I need you to please provide link to your submission in an email and update in contribute.

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Hi @MichelleL

We have updated our application in Contribute system and just sent an email to Our username is contact_infinitystones.

Would you please take a look at our application? Thank you.

We are looking forward to participating in GOS!

Hi MichelleL. I have provide the newest waiver. Does this is OK . If my address isn’t in the genesis file. Where can I get tokens for the gaia-900X testnet? The follow url just get tokens for gaia-800x testnet. Pls give me the new faucet url.

There’s no facuet yet for900X.
Just ask in Riot chat.
AFAIK, all efforts are now in 9002, getting it up and running, and then… GoS!

Just a quick update for everybody that’s checking this thread. This is from Zaki:

“Gaia-9002 is targeting Wed and Game of Stakes will depend on a successful gaia-9002 launch”