Game of Stake Cosmos address

The registration for Game of Stake asks for " Submit your cosmos address for the game".

In the past as we move from testnet to testnet, sometimes steak balances in accounts can move to new testnets, sometimes they can not. Since reward ATOMs will be delivered to this address, it’s critical that validators get this right. Can we get clarity from the team about exactly what this is, and how it should be generated.

I decided to post this here rather than ask in the riot chat, as I think this will be a recurring question, the answer to which is relevant to everyone.



Thanks for posting this @mattharrop I’m also curious if we can register more than one address? Along the same lines, are validators brought online after genesis eligible to participate?

To add to this, I was under the impression that the intent was to run GoS on a separate testnet, but it seems that the goal is to run it on the current active testnet? Would be nice if some clarity could be provided.


We will be running a separate test network for Game Of Stakes.

Can we register more than one address @jack?

One address per player.

Too bad…that makes it difficult to test multiple configs simultaneously…

You will need some allies.

If I let players have multiple addresses to easily, doesn’t it just make the collusion attacks super easy?


GoS will be a separate testnet from gaia-9000

Hi, zaki. has only one cosmos address with cosmosaccaddr18eh3vq03xvpexa0krrq5ezlueuz5kuju7ycht5, and we have not received any approval until now, please check our submission. Thanks!