Game of Stakes Updates

Please join us here for Game of Stakes updates, communication and information on the progress.

Great graphics to promote your participation in Game of Stakes:

Here is the link to the webinar platform - we will record it and share but please submit questions here if you cannot attend so we can record the responses.

Google document for questions:

We will be cutting off any updates to registrants. If you have not checked that you are in the genesis file today, we will not be able to add you.


We are currently reviewing all of the submissions. This is taking some time, however you will be informed over the next few days if you are approved or if there is something missing (i.e forgot to sign the waiver).

Hi guys,
I’m super excited by the fantastic participation in the Gsame of Stakes sign ups.

The team is working our way through the registrations and checking for signed waivers. Not having a signed waiver is the most common reason for rejection. If we have time after we processed all the signups, we will reach out to see if we can get signed waivers from folks left out their signature or deal with someone of late registration requests that have come in.

Here is what’s coming next.

I’m targeting November 5th for the start of Game of Stakes.

Here is how Game of Stakes will start.

We will not be doing a decentralized network start for Game of Stakes. Instead Tendermint will run some centralized validator nodes and all the accepted applications addresses will start the game with Stake. After approximately 12 hours, the Tendermint validator nodes will unbond and the network will be operated by the players.

Your chances of winning of will be maximized by bonding a validator immediately at start. Given the global distribution of players, it’s impossible to pick a time thats convenient to everyone.

I’ll be on Pacific time then. I’ll update on zero hour as we get closer.

Here is what I am looking at for parameters. Fixed inflation at 100,000 % and initial stacks of 10,000 stake for each player.

More info soon…


Awesome, sounds good Sir. Ty for the update.

Hi Guys,

I am currently estimating that we will push back the Game of Stakes start till Nov 12th.

I haven’t been able to make my deadline for launching gaia-9000. DevCon has proved to be to distracting/ endless meetings.

We did finish the initial triage of applications and are going to reach and try and get signed waivers from folks who didn’t supply them.


Noted, Zaki
Keeping update for us please

Hey zaki I am a new partner joining the cosmos node. How can I apply for gos? How to submit an application What is the requirement? Is there a url?

Registration of GoS is already ended.
You can check out this link

Thank you very much for your answer.

If you were rejected please update the website with the missing documentation

Hi Game of Stakes players, here are some visuals for you to use during the game.

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Thanks for the update Zaki, it has truly been hard to focus on anything else during DevCon. I think there are still some questions open regarding the Game of Stakes and I think that the pushed back start is a great opportunity to answer some of those questions beforehand.

So what I would be suggesting/asking for is that the Cosmos team is doing an AMA about the GoS. This could happen either on Riot, Youtube or Twitch (I saw that the cosmos dev team streams there with username “cosmos_development”). It could be one hour sometime in the next week. I understand that the timing of this is tricky since all validators are living in different time zones, but I’m confident we can manage that as we also had many successful, international launch ceremonies.

What do you think about this? I believe, this could enhance the whole experience of GoS, because everyone can ask questions officially.

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Yes, we are planning on having a live Q&A on Wednesday for Game of Stakes. Hopefully, we can get the community more details in the next day.


Looking forward to the GoS Q & A session - that’ll be very helpful!

That’s very useful, looking forward to ……

Did Roit chat room closed ?

We are anticipating November 7th at 8 am PST with Zaki and two validators for the Q&A if you have questions can you add them here too? We are debating wether YouTube live is the best platform or possibly GoToWebinar. Either way we want to have a recorded version, but would love to have your questions ahead of time in case you can’t attend.

Note: due to travel conflict we moved it to November 8th at the same time.

Great that there will be a Q&A! Who will be the two validators and how were they selected?

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I have the same question.

Thank you for holding a Q&A session! I am actually planning on attending the Q&A session, but just in case, I will upload my questions here as well:

  1. I read that the total prize pool for GoS is 300,000 Atoms, but it wasn’t very clear if this prize will be given in a form of delegation from Cosmos Team (Interchain Foundation), or as a pure transferring of Atoms to the winning attendants.
    Is the Interchain Foundation planning to delegate their Atoms to participants who show excellent performance during the Game of Stakes? Or are they planning to delegate Atoms based on different standard of evaluation?

  2. Most of the Validator nodes are located in Europe and the US, and therefore, I assume that the connection from Korea or other Asian countries are unstable. Have you considered any handicap advantage options for regions with unstable connection due to location factor?

  3. What is the KEY to winning the Game of Stakes? The rule says that we are able to increase the amount of stake through actions such as 1. Staying Online, 2. Delegating, 3. Producing Blocks and 4. “Certain other actions and challenges completed during the game”. Although you may not be able to share detailed information, but we would like to have some idea of what “certain other actions and challenges” might be.

  4. Will there be a disadvantage in earning inflationary stakes during the game if missing blocks occur? Or are all participants given equal amount of inflationary blocks if they do not miss 5000 blocks in a row? (Are inflationary atoms calculated for every block?)

  5. What would be the resolutions and prevention for the two cases/attacks below?

    • A participating team, formed with a good number of team members have all of their members register to GoS-one registration per person-to delegate their genesis stake to one single node.
    • Stealing(?) other nodes’ key information to set up a double signing scenario

Thanks in advance!