Generate code from .proto files

Hello, community! I am developer from Belarus, and we produce new cryptocurrency based on cosmos sdk 0.42.0. I want to introduce some commands in distribution module, so I should add new Custom type messages to .proto file and regenerate code. I use protoc and regen-network/protobuf/protoc-gen-gogo. But it generates only a small part of the code. Apparently cosmos-sdk-developers use special extensions of gogo/protobuf. Please help me to find names of this extensions.
COMMAND: protoc -I=./ -I=./proto -I=$GOPATH/src/ I=$GOPATH/src/ --gogo_out=. ./proto/cosmos/distribution/v1beta1/tx.proto generates not enough. It generates me about 500 lines of code, but original tx.pb.go file contains about 2000 lines of code.