When will be the next coordinated testnet launch?

Will there be another coordinated testnet launch to participate in. Currently you cannot sync up on the latest testnest.

Is there a place to get more information about the next launch?

Hey Nick!

Currently there is a lot going on with Game of Stakes so there aren’t that many testnets beside it planned. Right now, Gaia-10k is still running and open for everyone to join (I don’t know how long this will still be going though). Best is you take a look at the testnets repo on github and join the relevant Riot Chat Rooms (especially Cosmos Validators Technical Updates). If there is a new testnet launched, it is most likely announced there and you’ll get the opportunity to join.



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Thank you!
Yeah I’ll need to checkout the Validators Technical Updates. In the testnet repo, the latest recommended testnet is not all that great. Really easy to get running with the sdk, but still cannot connect with any peers. I’ll have to check out the Game of Stakes too.

Hmm not being able to connect with any peers should be a problem on your side. Not sure, how you can say the latest testnet is not all that great if you can’t connect :wink: The network is up and running. Maybe the seed node is broken, in that case you’ll need to find some peers somewhere else. Again, I recommend to join the Riot channels to do this.

Yeah maybe it’s the genesis file? Not sure…
I’ll join the Riot chat and find out more.

Also I’m using the cosmos-sdk which is another thing to consider.

Good to hear the network is up though! I’m excited to get it running on my end.

Great project.

you probably just need a peer/ seed in Gaia-10k.

The one I posted in the testnets repo isn’t up at moment.

If you ask the Cosmos validators Riot, someone will give you a peer/seed.

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Since the seed is down, I thought I’ll post my peer here for now, maybe someone else needs one as well. It’s not a seed so you best add this as a persistent peer.

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