Signature verification failed while creating Validor

Error while creating validator:

gaiacli stake create-validator --amount=5steak --from=From_Name --pubkey=$(gaiad tendermint show_validator) --moniker=Moniker_Name --chain-id=8001

ERROR: checkTx failed: (65540) === ABCI Log ===
Codespace: 1
Code:      4
ABCICode:  65540
Error:     --= Error =--
Data: common.FmtError{format:"signature verification failed", args:[]interface {}(nil)}
Msg Traces:
--= /Error =--

The password is correct because otherwise it gives: ERROR: Ciphertext decryption failed error. (So not related to this post: Help with "signature verification failed")

The passphrase is also correct as I can run gaiacli keys add cosmos-testnet-1 --recover with success.

Any ideas?

This error occurs because of wrong chain-id

I tried with with gaia-8001 , gaia-9001.
I re-built everything and it worked. I think it was due to a wrong chmod on the keys.