How to access the testnet if your nodes do not access the seed node very well


I just write down my experience to help someone who have the same trouble with me.

My problem:

I can not run a full node working properly in Beijing, China, Because my node do not have well access to the seed nodes (sometimes ok, sometimes not).

I had the same problem when I did tests in Tokyo, Beijing, Hong Kong.


  • go to explorer: and find some full node that you can access very well. (usually is the one close to you).

  • add the address of the node that you picked in step 1 to your persistent_peers in your config.toml.

  • restart your node.

Good luck. and sorry for my Chinese-English,

thanks @kwunyeung @7alisman_Firmamint for helping.


yep. you can ping any node then you will find nearest one. it will also make sync much faster.