How to create a new account in cosmos

when i tried my cosmos tutorial application, it displayed message that ‘alice’ and ‘blob’ has been created. how can I create more accounts?

Hi! I think a little more detail would be helpful to answer your question. What are you trying to achieve? What tutorial did you follow?

The accounts are defined in config.yml under the root directory. If you have been following the Acedmy Checkers tutorial (Starport | Cosmos Developer Portal) it will be in /checkers/config.yml. In that file you will see to the two accounts added automatically by the wallet, alice and bob. All you need to do is add your own user name and coins. The app will restart and create the accounts, along with their mnemonic, and show it all in the console where you ran the starport command. Save that info!

In this example I added “adam”.

  - name: alice
    coins: ["20000token", "200000000stake"]
  - name: bob
    coins: ["10000token", "100000000stake"]
  - name: adam
    coins: ["10000token", "100000000stake"]
  name: alice
  staked: "100000000stake"
    path: "docs/static/openapi.yml"
    path: "vue/src/store"
  name: bob
  coins: ["5token", "100000stake"]