How will EVM work as a COMOS-SDK application

Im just curious to how EVM will be implemented as a SDK-application , will each opcode be a message type , what the current progress on this , i would like to help as well


Check out the Ethermint project! We aren’t quite ready for outside contributors yet but I will be sure to have some help-wanted issues when we are!

In short we have implemented the Ethereum state storage as a Cosmos SDK store and we have a Web3 compatible RPC layer that takes normal ETH transactions. We have a bit more info in the docs too: We will be adding much more there as the product matures.

Thank you for your response @jack !

So just to confirm you will basically redirect the ethereum transactions to the EVM on geth and not recreate it as a cosmos-sdk application .

Not exactly. We will be implementing the EVM as an SDK application, but the implementation detail is that we are importing the geth libraries and putting them behind the SDK interfaces. Does that make sense?

Yep that makes perfect sense and would be the best way to deal with it , would love to help you out wherever i can ! Let me know when its ready for open contributions.

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For sure! Follow the repo for updates! Also drop me an email: jack [at] tendermint [dot] com and I will see what we can do.