Hub to be a Home for Interchain Governance

In the topics of the Hub utility, prop-69 and the general vision of the Hub.

How about creating a narrative and tooling to make Hub be a Home for Interchain Governance?

  • Cosmos has a good history and tradition of on-chain governance.
  • x/groups are going to be shipped in the next update
  • maybe we can add / combine some interesting functionality with cosmwasm if prop-69 will pass
  • we already have Interchain Accounts, which can be used for governance execution.

Cosmos, as a network of modular, sovereign blockchains requires Interchain Governance. And Hub will be the best place to ship it, bond tokens for gov actions, shipping cross chains DAOs etc…


Just got off a call with Quicksilver about this. I think liquid staking will really demonstrate this narrative. Also working on a plan to build more core stack DAO structures on the hub to coordinate standards and resources, Builders Foundation being one of the earliest examples.


Where is more information about Builders Foundation?

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Sounds like a great suggestion. But maybe we to better define “Interchain Governance” first?

efine “Interchain Governance” first?

Right. Interchain Governance is a concept to utilize a central position of the Hub as well as hub strong security and Interchain Accounts to:

  • host DAOs
  • build treasuries
  • build governance structures which spans across chains
    • thanks to the properties I listed above, the hub will be able to create a proposal which can impacts multiple chains / protocols / accounts at once (vote once and automatically execute in multiple places).
    • safer place for cross chain treasuries

Another interesting concept is where an app chain could lay off some part of it’s governance to a kind of multi-stake DAO on the Hub.