Hub toward multi-chain distributed security MCDS

Guys, I am working on learning about the new blockchain, studying the new paradigms, and I have come to some conclusions which I would like to discuss with the community. I have an idea to share and I hope it will make many people think, I hope my voice will reach those who matter in the hub.

Why will Nomic be under the Eth foundation and develop in Solidity? We have a chance to bring something out and into the world’s most decentralized blockchain with the IBC, the BTC blockchain, but we are losing the “authorship” of the project. Another thought concerns EigenLayer which would like to oust Atom from its role. I think investors are forcing the adoption of specific Crypto for various reasons that I will not discuss in this post.

Is it normal for Cosmo’s winning features and ideas to be taken from other protocols ? I think we need to force Cosmos toward multi-chain distributed security MCDS , with the ability with atom to secure all existing protocols, starting with Eth coming to Avalanche , ecc ecc , guaranteeing diversified rewards to atom stakers by branching and carving the hub into the entire crypto sphere. Cosmos hub is the internet of blockchain and it is correct that the hub has the ability to secure all the IBC networks it works on.

We are under attack and I think we need to fight back, ICS is a good thing but it should probably be balanced by MCDS.

These are just thoughts that can be explored and improved, verticalized, projected into the future, to take the hub towards a rosier path that does not leave the hub behind.

I hope the future of the hub is bright.

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