I joined ico 2 years ago,But why I can't get my atoms

I have tried to claim atoms through poloniex and cosmostation,But all failed. I do have my 12-words seed phrase,and it’s right. I can also find that transaction is successful through ETHERSCAN.IO who can tell me what’s the problem and how can I get my atoms?

someone told me that 12-words seed phrase has already been upgraded to 24-words,Is it true?and If it’s true,how can I get this upgraded 24-words seed phrase?

Did you check https://cosmos.network/docs/cosmos-hub/delegator-guide-cli.html#cosmos-accounts ?


really thank you for your kind reply,I tried to understand every step in that article,but it still seems too complicated to me,do you have any easy way to claim ATOMs though an andriod phone or some other APP?

anyone can resolve this problem…

Please do not enter your fundraiser words into an online computer.

You can recover your fundraiser atoms using gaiacli on an offline computer, or using a Ledger Nano S device. Secure signing devices like the Ledger Nano S strike a good balance between security and convenience when managing your own keys and are typically recommended. Once you have restored the key on the Ledger Nano S, you can use web wallets like https://lunie.io/#/ that work with the Ledger Nano S. But you should never enter your words online.

To restore your key from the fundraiser, follow the instructions here: https://cosmos.network/docs/cosmos-hub/delegator-guide-cli.html#restoring-an-account-from-the-fundraiser

If using a Ledger, you will also need to install Ledger Live and download the Cosmos app. Instructions are here: https://cosmos.network/docs/cosmos-hub/delegator-guide-cli.html#using-a-ledger-device

In any case, it is worth reading that Delegator Guide in detail again to understand how everything works.

I bought one ledger nano S ,it shows the same cosmos address like cosmostation and Huobi wallet,and all 0 balance,I do have the right 12 words!