I think we need something like grants Dao team for cosmos

Currently the community funds are just sitting and collecting dust and if anyone even tries to invest them somewhere the community cries bloody murder

We could just copy how Eth defi projects do it, setup regulations to protect the funds from corrupt gDao, have elections every 3 months, people who run for gDao member shouldnt be able to vote in the elections etc.

I don’t really see the point of storing funds in the community pool and not reinvesting them in someway.

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So what you’re arguing for is accountable individuals in charge of the community fund.

I think that you’re right. I suggested something like this not too long ago and I was told that I was trying to morph chain style governance into corporate style governance and my reply to that was kind of like well… not really… but sort of.

There is a nascent project called meta chain, that I think begin to chip at this. I think it’s also going by the name groups module.

I figured that the way that this could work is that it would need to be voted in by Gaia herself, the token holders of the atom. Then you could take just a portion of the community funds, and allocate them toward this initiative where a group of accountable, elected individuals give grants.

It’s probably best that the chain does this itself.


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You have to post the following for fund request votes:



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Will try this soon.

Blah blah blah a few extra words to reach the 20 character limit

You will make a proposal?

Think so.

First I need to get Notional’s network a bit more stable. I lost access to my lab cause of covid and my #1 objective needs to be to make that stable.