Install Gaia full node v4.2.1 fail

I am installing gaia full node v4.2.1 but there is an error, I have tried to reinstall several times but it doesn’t work, please help.

Can you describe please the steps, which you used for the installation? ‘Cause according to the first screenshot I only can say, that the problem might be in refusing connection (may be firewall), or incorrect setup of seeds

As I can see on the second screenshot, the service started good

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Maybe they’re having trouble starting the node from Genesis, this is a situation that I’ve spent a lot of time discussing, although those discussions have mainly fallen on deaf ears.

For a very long time, I have been saying that the hub is far too difficult to do a genesis sync on. I have made various proposals to fix that, but none of them have gained any traction and I believe that most likely they’re having difficulty finding a peer that has blocks after the first.