Is there a Cosmos program for startups?


I’m the founder of where we build an infrastructure that can allow anyone to issue their own private currency, build its utility and grow it’s value so it can become spendable.

Lately Ethereum fee prices skyrocketed, and it’s over 40 USD to create an ERC20 token on Ethereum… It creates a huge barrier of entry for new users. We are looking for options, and cosmos has always been on our radar.

We are a self-funded startup and we do not take any fees from users for now. This is why I would like to ask, if there is any accelerator/fund/seed program or something in Cosmos ecosystem that could help us fund the development of the Cosmos implementation on our platform?

The closest thing to this is a Community Funding proposal via the Cosmos Hub.

The Interchain Foundation provides grants for some types of projects and developments. Take a look and see if your project fits in any of the boxes: