[Funding] Your Cosmos / Tendermint Startup


If you wish to build a project based on Tendermint or Cosmos stack you can reach out to ppl on this list to seed fund it at very early stage of development.

  1. Figment Capital, https://figment.capital
    Contact: contact@figment.capital
    Telegram: @ajcronk
    Funding Program:

    • Delegator ROI tools
    • Smart “robo-wallets” for delegators,
    • Network analysis Tools,
    • others, tbd…
  2. Feng shui Capital, https://fengshui.capital/
    Contact: hello@fengshui.capital
    Telegram: @EricHShyu
    Funding Program:

    • Any potential cosmos ecosystem project

If you need specific tool for Cosmos Ecosystem and wish to independently fund its development don’t hesitate to PM @asmodat on telegram chat or drop a response to this thread to get added to this list. When doing so please provide: Name, Webpage, Contract Details, Funding Program,Your Offer.

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This thread is community driven and not an endorsement of any funding, escrow or money transfer mechanism, none of the companies listed here are published due to initiative or any connection from/with Tendermint, Cosmos or Interchain Foundation.

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