Junior Developers - Entry into Cosmos Ecosystem

Hi folks

I am just wondering what I can do as a junior full-stack developer to further allign my skillset and gain experience as a blockchain developer, specifically within the Cosmos ecosystem. I have a desire to develop and evolve my skills to be as much alligned with this space as possible, and I’m looking to start deep diving into the Cosmos SDK as a start. Are there any sorts of ‘accellerator/internship programs’ or Cosmos/IBC alligned courses that might suit my needs to ultimately become of proper value to prospective employers within the space? I have a hunger to learn.


Hello Aron!

One of the best ways for developers looking to expand their knowledge in Cosmos is to enroll in the next InterChain Academy (ICA) cohort. This free 7-week program provides invaluable insights. You can find all the necessary information and registration details here:

If you want to have a look at the content that will be covered during this program, everything is available here: https://ida.interchain.io/. This should get you all the necessary knowledge about the Cosmos stack. Registering and graduating from the program’s exam will give you a Github Badge attesting your achievement. This credential can greatly enhance your prospects when offering your services to Cosmos project recruiters.

Hope this will help you get started!
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Ah brilliant, this looks to be the exact type of thing I am looking for. Thanks a million for informing me about this!

I would also highly suggest to browse some of the github accounts and blogs of projects building on top of Cosmos. It will help to understand what is being worked on, what libraries, etc are typically used. Issues. News, often about such programs can be on projects blogs (alas, not often).

Also, the most common way to start working in blockchain is contributing to something you find interesting on github, this will give you an opportunity to test your skills and, often projects end up hiring people that start contributing to their tasks. of course, everything is relative, so DYOR

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