Keplr wallet cosmos stolen

I had staked cosmos and secret via keplr wallet. after unstaking (takes 21 days) the coins were sent to me and from me directly to an address unknown to me. i have no explanation how something like this can happen. no one has my keys or recovery phrase. i have osmosis unstaked (6 days left) and i´m afraid of loosing them too. what can i do ?

I think your keys are compromised in one way or another.

There are initiatives out there who help with recovering all the funds possible. Check for example

Well sadly this is true… just feel super gutted at the moment

thank you very much for your answer, i will check it out

Keys have to be compromised. New wallet new everything and make sure the recovery phrase is memorized in your head. I have 1 paper copy buried in Nebraska lol but I know my 24 words by heart