Lost Access to Lunamint

About a year ago, I staked my Cosmos on my Lunamint wallet. Some time later, my permissions got revoked. No indication as to why, just one day I lost access. I reached out to them several times and never heard back. I tried again today, and it looks like they shut down.

I still have the seed phrase.

Is there any way I can recover my funds to a different wallet provider using my seed phrase?

Is there any other way I can recover my funds?

If you have your seed phrase, you can import your account to Cosmostation or Keplr :slight_smile:

Would suggest buying a ledger . Setting it up with the seed phrase before accessing Keplr or Cosmostation.

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Thanks for the response!

Unfortunately, neither of those wallets are accepting my mnemonic. I tried “import wallet” for both wallets.

I acquired my Cosmos before the ledger app was available. The issue is that I’m trying to recover the Cosmos I already have with a mnemonic for a wallet whose team is non-responsive.

It might be a case of a miswritten word.

The mnemonic from lunamint was most probably a BIP39
Check to see if all your words are also present here

If one or more of the 12/24 words you have written down are not present in the above link , you might have miswritten that/those word(s) down.


feel free to DM me on telegram [@catdotfish] I’ll try to see if I can help to get you in touch with them.

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Thank you guys so much!

I was able to recover it with my mnemonic phrase. I think autocorrect may have been creating a typo by auto-capitalizing one of my words. Now, for some reason, cosmostation isn’t working with my browser correctly and isn’t letting me claim and undelegate so I can move it to my ledger.

I’ll probably just download the app and try doing it that way. If I still have trouble, I’ll look for or start a relevant thread. Thanks again!

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I appreciate the offer! Looks lie that won’t be necessary. But really. Thanks.

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