List of projects in Cosmos & Tendermint Ecosystem

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Congrats on hitting 100! Althea’s new website URL is

Also here’s a better proof link:

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Perfect, thank you for updating the position, Althea was moved to #7 and also updated github:

Please update the e-Money Github from to Thank you!

Thank you github,TG & proof link was updated

First - thanks so much for this resource. It’s made my work in analyzing the Cosmos ecosystem much easier. Therefore, I’d like to give back: I spent some time diving into each of the links and projects, and have some recommendations for projects to be removed so the list is more accurate and representative of the current state of Cosmos.

The following projects are defunct:

  • Inschain (website is down, GitHub is inactive)
  • KOWALA (website is down, GitHub is inactive)
  • Tatau (GitHub and social media channels have been inactive for 5 months, a “delay” was announced publicy and with no public presence since then)
  • Peerity (website doesn’t function/looks corrupt, GitHub is inactive)
  • EnLedger (GitHub is inactive for 2+ years, all social media channels inactive for 2+ years)
  • Lino Network (many parts of the website don’t work, GitHub and social media channels have been inactive for 5+ months)
  • iCheck (GitHub is inactive for 1 year, no activity on social media channels)
  • Uphack (website is down, no code on GitHub, proof link is down; doesn’t exist in any sense)

The following projects shouldn’t be on this list because they either aren’t related to Cosmos/Tendermint at all, or the proof is extremely weak:

  • ThetaToken
    • The “proof” is just mentioning that their consensus mechanism is “based off of Tendermint”. There’s no evidence they’re using the Cosmos SDK, using the actual Tendermint code, or integrating into the Cosmos Hub.
  • FXCH
    • The “proof” is a link to their website, which uses the word “Tendermint” once, with no context. There’s no evidence or identifiable documentation that they use Cosmos or Tendermint. Their Github is completely empty and inactive.
  • OneLedger
    • They’re “adapting” (not even forking) Tendermint only in the loosest sense. There’s no evidence that they plan to integrate with other Cosmos chains/Cosmos Hub.
  • Orijtech, Inc.
    • They’ve listed Tendermint on their website as a customer, and they appear to be a software consulting group, so they’ve probably just contributed some code (as part of a contract) to Tendermint. They aren’t a Cosmos/Tendermint project.
  • PARSEC Labs
    • They no longer exist, and are now LeapDAO working on Ethereum scalability. This is announced plainly on their website.
  • AdEx Network
    • The Cosmos code linked in the “proof” has been archived, and they’ve moved to Ethereum.
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Thank you for all the suggestions, managed to update list to reflect some of them and will continue applying as new projects appear on the horisont.

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Hello everyone,

We here at Co-DEX are building a non custodial like, no fees, decentralized exchange platform, initially based on Ethermint and we are looking to extend and incoporate the revolutionary IBC features developed by Cosmos Network, in order to provide to the community, a much needed, easy-to-use, intuitive and up-to-date, trading experience.

For more information regarding our project, make sure to visit our social media and / or contact us via e-mail.

Name : Co-DEX

Twitter :
Telegram (English):
Telegram (Korean):
Telegram (Russian):
Telegram (Indonesian):
Telegram Announcements & News (English):

Can you provide github repository for your project?
Please refer to Listing New Ecosystem Project section and submit full code along proof that TM/cosmos-sdk is used.

Currently, your whitepaper specifies that your token is ERC20, which is Ethereum standard. The transition stage is no longer needed as cosmos network is live along all necessary tools to create your own network and token.

I think that your documentation might require updates and currently does not indicate use of cosmos tools or any prior contributions to the ecosystem that could be identified as valid reason to add the project to the list.


Hi Asmodat,

Here is CEO of Codex Foundation from Italy.

In the days to come we will provide you with all the necessary details regarding our code, with the cosmos-sdk section highlighted, used in the development of our platform.
To respond point by point to your claims:
Fake Followers - thousands joining within a single day, non associated with Cosmos Network Ecosystem
• Our social media channels (twitter, telegram, etc) grew so fast because we are undergoing an “airdrop and rewards” program meant to grow visibility for our project, and through it we are growing visibility for cosmos as well.
Fake LinkedIn Profiles, non of the “founders” is connected or associated with the cosmos network ecosystem or have ever been seen alive in real life.
• We never stated anywhere, anything, about any Advisors or Founders, being part of Cosmos,
you are free to start a video conference with our Founders at any time, If you so desire we can organize a meeting in person to clear up things. Do we actually need to have a member part of the Cosmos Network to be able to publish the project in this Ecosystem section, if so, we did not know this aspect but we are more than open to a collaboration.

Extremely poorly written, non-technical Whitepaper
• That is our WhitePaper version 1.0, a more technical version will be uploaded to all our platforms as soon as our technical department will finalize it.
Whitepaper claims that token and fundraiser is ERC20 while that’s Ethereum, not Cosmos standard. Cosmos is already mature enough to create a custom chain and issue tokens there, so it makes absolutely no sense for the token to be ERC20.
• We decided to issue our token in ERC-20, our platform will be issued in the beginning on the Ethermint as mentioned. When the IBC feature will be launched, the cross chain function will demonstrate (hopefully) that any encryption type tokens can and will be traded.
Fake Telegram account bots, from 0 to 11k users in one week, exceeding the number of users that even Cosmos Official channel had at the time.
• As mentioned above, we’ve created networks and across many countries and our marketing department deemed best to help grow the visibility of the project through an initial airdrop campagin.
Calling our project a scam is subject to libel and slander laws, although this looks like a misunderstand if you do not cease and desist with these claims we have no option than to further this to our legal department.
We hope we can establish an official communication and avoid any further misunderstanding.


Condurache Mihai Catalin

Being dependent on the ethermint development makes absolutely no sense in case of implementing a decentralized exchange on cosmos network. Ethereum gate development is speculative and not even guaranteed to take place. You are telling us your business plan depends on third party development that has no guarantees to exist ?

The social media practices bear the mark of illicit practice in every single dimension. You paid for fake accounts joining your channels in order to attract legit users. Im my opinion your actions are potentially harmful to the community and I will take all necessary actions to prevent them from being exploited.

We can resume conversation after all proof are supplied as per requirements of this topic. You are free to PM me if you need any support in the matter.

I do not have to mention your own administrators posted info on your own channel that this project is a scam:


That’s the summary of informations publicly available to everyone.


I am sure that the fact that you are taking part in a similar project as our own, that I might add doesn’t really have that much exposure, has nothing to do with the fact that you decided to flag our project.

Either you remove this childish attempt at eliminating your competition through slender or you will leave us no alternative than to pursuit legal action.

Attempts to hack our social media are signs of desperation on the behalf of people whom seem to want this project to fail.

CoDEX foundation will continue to deliver on our promise to our community, you will do better to try to develop your project instead of slandering your competition.

Are you accusing me of hacking your media ? Do you have any proof of that claim. I can’t control your own administrators who publicly stated your project is a scam, and this very information, that your own team published was used by me to back the claims.

Ergo until an irrefutable proof that development effort on cosmos is being taken is supplied and audited I will not post the project.

You are free to supply missing informations at any time.

I did not accuse you directly of hacking, what is sure is that today at the time that you mentioned, someone did fraudulently modified our pinned message in order to create confusion in the community, steps have been taken and the pinned as you can see has been corrected. But since i’m writing you in my official capacity of CEO of this project, your refusal to acknowledge our request is only proof of malice intent on your behalf.

As I stated before informations provided by you are not complete and can’t be used for listing untill supplied in full.

Also would advise to review your marketing practices [mirror]

493 retweets & 393 likes on the account that has 2000 followers that’s a new world record…

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We will provide you, in the coming days, with the necessary information, to the extent to which that information doesn’t include or violate any NDA documentation.

We appreciate if in the future, any mention or reference to our project will be made solely after acquiring an official point of view from our part as well.

Perfect, looking forward to new updates.

Summary: at best, Co-DEX is run by a moron, and at worst, is a scam. Thanks!

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It looks like Boid is using EOS and not Cosmos/Tendermint.

:+1: will ask on their telegram and investigate