Public Tendermint based chains in production?


Are there any public Tendermint based chains in production?

If yes, which, if no, then why not? what are the main obstacles?



I asked about “in production”, none of these are so far as I know.

Its still not clear to me if there has ever been a public open Tendermint chain running in production securing substantial value.


BigchainDB is in production for a long time AFAIK


No, apparently not, this is from their gitter just now.

Am I to conclude that there are no public open in production Tendermint chains? sort of seems like that (which is fine btw. )

Is there any particular technical reason why this could be the case?
What are the current obstacles to doing this as a project?


You can also try to ask guys making Hyperledger Burrow if someone is using it in production