List of tools created by validators for validators

A place for validators to submit and share the tools they have created

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Some scripts and tutorial we have written maybe useful for a good start.

Tendermint has recently introduced the use of Prometheus. With some minimal setup, you can monitor and visualize your node data with a beautiful dashboard like Grafana.

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As the format of priv_validator.json is different in gaia-7000, in case you are using my upgrade script to upgrade the software from gaia-6002 to gaia-7000, please do the following two extra steps.

  1. move /opt/gaiad/config to somewhere else
  2. run sudo -u gaiad /opt/go/bin/gaiad unsafe_reset_all --home=/opt/gaiad/

It will clear the /data directory and regenerate the /config directory. You have to config your config.toml again anyway.

If you apply this to a validator node and you would like to be added to the genesis block, do not run the 2nd step. Instead you have to run gaiad init gen-tx --name=<moniker> --home=/opt/gaiad/ as the user gaiad as it will create a key for the transaction in the user’s home directory.


thanks for helping.
It is very useful to me

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We have built a little Telegram bot which monitors the status of absent validators. It monitors the journal of the gaiad service directly. So it can tell you which blocks you are missing and let you know how far you will be slashed. You can subscribe to a validator and it will notify you when your validator is absent in a consensus. There are only 3 commands for now.


Subscribe to listen to a validator. The bot will ask you for a validator address and please answer her with the hex value.

/mute [validator address in hex]

If you find the notifications too annoying, you can stop listening to it.

/unmute [validator address in hex]

After you have fixed your issues and sending votes again, you would like to listen to the notifications again.

The original version was developed to listen to our local testnet and I forked it to monitor gaiad. I have tested it with @aurel’s address, as he keeps missing votes :stuck_out_tongue:. Here is the example of the output.

You can add the bot here

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Who is one crack? @kwunyeung is


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Find hex address using ‘gaiacli status’ command.