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  1. Key Management - Key Management Improvement Group
    github: https://github.com/cosmos-cg-key-management
    telegram: https://t.me/cosmos_cg_key_management

  2. The 2019 Chorus Validator Architecture
    link: https://gdoc.pub/doc/e/2PACX-1vQXb1kd0zqYT8K4B4XYb-lrlfRIuPDXsgiTjj94gDOjw3ezEUAtjvxR8yfbKJypmioKeGRrhkLCtZog

  3. Install fullnode validator in Cosmos by DelegaNetworks (Spanish)
    link: https://medium.com/@wimel/convertirse-en-validador-6ad7b1e8a759

  4. Cosmos Package and Lunie wallet for DAppNode by DragonStake (Spanish)
    link: (https://github.com/Colm3na/DAppNodePackage-cosmos)

  5. Repo to help the delegators and validators by DragonStake (Spanish)
    link: https://github.com/Colm3na/Cosmos)

  6. Our Validation Architecture and Learnings at StakeWith.Us
    link: https://medium.com/stakewithus/our-validation-architecture-and-learnings-at-stakewith-us-1876470ec908

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  6. Tendermint Blog
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  7. Interchain Foundation Blog
    link: https://medium.com/@interchain_io