Non-Validators are still remaining as non-validators in our Local Testnet even after delegating 50steaks

I’ll give brief explanation of all steps what I did:

1) Deleted .gaiad and .gaiacli folders in root folder in 4 nodes.

2) And then did gaiad init --chain-id "sentinel-test" --name "stoken" in all 4 nodes which generated genesis.json with same chain id and different moniker names and node id’s.

3) then I copied the validator info from each genesis.json file and added in one of the node’s genesis.json file. and the same for account info of each node’s genesis.json file. So now I got the genesis.json which contains all 4 nodes info.
Is the process right???

4) Now I copied the above genesis.json file and pasted in all 4 nodes’ .gaiad/config/ location.

5) I added seeds=“node_id_2@ip:26656,node_id_3@ip:26656,node_id_4@ip:26656,” for the first node, and vice versa for the remaining nodes by skipping the self node_id info.

And that’s it. Now, I did gaiad unsafe_reset_all and gaiad start in all 4 nodes. It started daialing all peers and once it got connected to all 3 nodes, it started syncing blocks simultaneously in all 4 nodes.
Now the issue is I have another node which is a non-validator. I ran the following command from one of the validator node gaiacli stake create-validator --amount "50steak" --params...
After this I got some TxHash but still if I check gaiacli stake validators I could find only those 4 initial nodes as validators, with non-decrement coin value in any of the nodes. How can I make the 5th node as validator node???


You may try these steps.

  1. Copy all 4 genesis tx files under .gaiad/config/gentx to one node
  2. Then run gaiad init --gen-txs -o --chain-id "sentinel-test". It will generate a new genesis file and overwrite your current one. It pulls all 4 genesis tx to create the genesis file. It will also put the node addresses into the config.toml persistent_peers.
  3. Copy genesis file to all other genesis nodes under .gaiad/config/.
  4. Copy the value of persistent_peers to the config.toml of all other genesis nodes.

When you start those nodes they should connect correctly. You copy the persistent_peers and genesis file to the new node and see if it connects. They should show the same chain-id and tendermint version number in all nodes.

And then you try sending steaks to the account of the new node and create a validator node.

We did those 4 steps and it’s okay,we wanted more help regarding how that ew account can be made validator.We could send steak but even after transactions the new account is not being listed as validator.

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After having steaks in the account, you need to create validator using that account.

The file generated from this step is the file I mentioned in

The file name looks like gentx-xxxxxxxxxx.json.

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Thanks,we were able to generate genesis.json in an automated way.Working on sending steak and adding validator.


Great! If you would like to learn more about validating over Cosmos, please also participate on Gaia testnet. I’m from the project Forbole and we learnt a lot by working with different validators.

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