Looking for new testnet participants made from mainnet ledger

  1. Purpose
  • to test export/migrate functionality
  • to test new binary with real mainnet ledger
  1. Procedure to participate
  • please reply this post with below items
    • valconspub(newly made only for testnet, can be multiple)
    • number of validator to run:you can run multiple validator if you want
    • contact point(telegram handle): also can dm me.
    • idea for chain-id
  1. Methodology
  • export at certain height
  • replace top validator valconspub to our participants’ new valconspub
  • we need at least 18 validators, but I think at least 25 is necessary for safe launch with some absent
  • migrate to new genesis file
  • compare hash and launch!

Launch will be tried right after we have adaquate gaia version including fixed migrate function.

  • How to create new valconspub :

You may want to generate a new pubkey locally offline. Just run gaiad tendermint show-validator will do. If you have a new built gaiad and there is no .gaiad directory in your home, the command will generate a new directory with the priv_validator_key.json. If you want to run multiple nodes, you may backup and move the priv_validator_key.json to another place, then run gaiad tendermint show-validator again. It will generate a new key file.

Doc link for better upgrade procedure :

Please join https://t.me/joinchat/A2nePhdcHUevyQEBtYwsEA if you want to be announced for testnet participation steps.


I believe this is crucial to plan and go ahead with. Thanks for initiating this!

Telegram: @FrancescoSimplyVC
Validators: 1
Valconspub: cosmosvalconspub1zcjduepqxevl5mrjtvzzh680rsnppastw6a2znh8kpjlxal4gmt3m3j2rn9sljtwha
Chain-ID: ch3-test

A good idea, after learning and going through it for the first time now, is for us to outline this process in the upgrade proposal so as to be a defined test procedure for the upgrade.

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Telegram: @kwunyeung
Validators: 3


Chain ID: transformer (we are testing the transformation)

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I’d like to be a part of this and run some tests.

  • Validators:

  • Valconspub:


  • Contact DM.

  • Chain ID: The two names given above seem fine to me

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Our gratitude for starting this :pray: Count Chainflow in :+1:

Telegram: @chris_remus

Validators: 1


Chain ID: community-test-hub-1

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Telegram: @wlsaud619
Validator: 1
Valconspub: cosmosvalconspub1zcjduepqj525fwk8vsrd64lft6cj6xf00ckwe2h7gc0sky455c0mjxm0drzsmgmel7
Chain-id: avengershub-1

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Hello everyone! We are ready to support this idea.
Telegram: ponchik69
Validators: 1 (We can do more if it necessary)
Chain ID: comhub-1 (community hub 1)

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Thanks @bharvest, please count me in :smiley:

  • valconspub: cosmosvalconspub1zcjduepqgta6se8tczzxnvftkw85l8yeu3nkk3f94ywvwg6rmq588q6wml7q6s0au5
  • number of validator to run: 1
  • contact point(telegram handle): @Yelong
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  • valconspub: cosmosvalconspub1zcjduepqcssjskt4hvp8menz4vk4wwsugaxg2h0yjalytdc4d4m6lac8jegqffjzx6
  • number of validator to run: 1
  • contact point(telegram handle): @ping.pub
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valconspub for B-Harvest


chain id idea


Telegram: @Mcry89
Validator: 1
Valconspub: cosmosvalconspub1zcjduepqnxh3dgn4tu570s7yf0d7rhckgmw45gklljkr6r3cm7zkvpjhtuwqz2myye

ChainId: Illiad

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Telegram: @andreisid
Validators: 1
Valconspub: cosmosvalconspub1zcjduepq6wtpv8stjhx2exsp4akvf240cpukhlyq5gepsmesqy7ckn9yadtq37djy3
Chain-ID: ch3-replica

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telegram: @syncnode

Validators: 2 (or more if required)



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Happy to help!

Telegram: @jacksteroo

Validators: 2


chain-id idea:

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We are happy to participate :slight_smile:

Telegram : @dimiandre
Validators : 3
Chain-ID : chain-llenge

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I want to thank you for the initiative, and others validators that want help. But.
IMO The correct way is to kill the current testnet 13006, and start a new testnet aka gaia-13007 for the simulations.

Im ready for that.

Although setting up another gaia testnet is a way to test, forking the mainnet would be a better testing environment to really test the real upgrade on the Cosmos Hub.

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I dont want to give validators burden to run this testnet for long time, so I guess I want to stop running this testnet after we feel the launch is successful, running about less than a week.

This is my intention of this testnet(it is mostly for testing upgrade procedure).

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Option A= Fork cosmos and launch cosmos hub 3 meanwhile is running cosmos hub2.

Option B= kill 13006, start 13007 simulate there .

Option C= Run this testnet where some validators manage more validators. (unreal scenery)

I’m for the option A or B, I don’t see the option C.