Launching mainnet node with no atoms?

Hi Everyone,

We are late to the party but excited to contribute a validator.

We have a track record in HPC, cloud and Dev-Ops and experience running masternodes and classic POS nodes.

We would like to contribute a validator but we were not part of the ICO and don’t have any atom.

Does anyone know if it’s possible to launch a validator without some self bonded atoms?

I’m very interested to share my notes on cloud sentinel strategies.

I have a full node running but I’m stuck on the step of registering my validator. Since my wallet is empty, I can’t launch create-validator sub-command. I tried it with zero self bonded stake and it chokes. Here is the command:

`gaiacli tx staking create-validator   --amount=0uatom   --pubkey=$(gaiad tendermint show-validator)   --moniker="FreeRange"   --chain-id=cosmoshub-1   --commission-rate="0.10"   --commission-max-rate="0.20"   --commission-max-change-rate="0.01"   --min-self-delegation="1"   --gas="auto"   --gas-prices="0.025uatom"   --from=(REDACTED) --ledger`

I get this error:

ERROR: {"codespace":"sdk","code":9,"message":"account cosmos1(REDACTED) does not exist"}

Any suggestions on how we can register a validator when we don’t have any atom?

There is a minimum of 1uatom to become a validator. You could wait couple weeks till the transfers are enabled or reach out to folks who already have atoms. They could initiate limitted transfer of 10uatoms to you: 9uatoms will be burned and 1 will be deposited to your account. You could also reach out to existing validators who expressed interest in helping teams like yours

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