Make Gaia-7001 run healthier

Currently, we always have less than 70% prevotes and precommits in consensus. It is dangerous as if 1 or 2 validators go offline, the network will halt. One way to secure the network alive is to let the network slash and revoke those offline validators. However, this will not be activated until we have 40k blocks. We are at 13k blocks now and the average block time is pretty long now (20+ seconds). If any of the validators aware of this, there is something you can help as the community.

  1. Delegate as many steaks as you can. They can be delegated to your own validator or you can spread out your steaks delegating to different validators. More diversified is preferable.

  2. Update your config.toml and set timeout_commit to 1000 if it’s not then restart gaiad. It will make the blocks commit faster if many of the validators have a shorter commit timeout.

Wish we reach 40k blocks soon.

we just need a hot fix to accelerate.
this Gaia release is just too rusty ==!

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I’m hesitant to stop and restart my validator, based on 6002 experience, since I was never able to restart. Were you able to stop/restart your validator to update the timeout_commit parameter w/o issue?

In gaia-7001 state pruning was introduced which will allow your node to restart really fast.

How to use the pruning?
what does the pruning mean?
–pruning string Pruning strategy: syncable, nothing, everything (default “syncable”)