Maximum supplay

A voting proposal can be developed, to place a maximum suplay and thus be able to choose in the future with the new tokenomics plus the utility of being a deflationary token such as Solid projects such as Eth and Bnb

Become a solid project such as BNB. No thanks

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expecting AADAO this week to reveal the tokenimic revamp

I also hope that, an additive is needed for people and institutions to want to adopt the currency, as long as we are a deflationary mode, the game will be a bit complicated, on the other hand, if we cause a sensation of deflation in the future, it could be a motivation to invest strongly in the project, which in itself is a great project with great potential, but this would give a tremendous boost to the adoption of the currency.


If we all had that attitude, the project would come to nothing, we have to see the good things in the crypto world and the things that are not being adopted by the big whales and institutions, Bitcoin is going to start to be adopted in a great way and the most Surely it is the crypto with greater powers that follow but as long as we keep these tokenomic I doubt it very much it is the truth

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Did i say that there was no good in bnb?

Definitely need a max supply. Hard to determine price appreciation without a max supply. Now if they create a burn mechanism like Ethereum, that could work, but thing again, not sure, because the app chains dont use ATOM for transaction fees.

But definitely need a max supply, traditional investors/financial institutions arent going invest much with a max supply. Retail will, because retail is too focused on rewards from staking. Institutions want price appreciation, rewards from staking should be more of a bonus not the main reason to invest in crypto.
Die hards cant seem to understand this, because they think when mass adoption comes everyone will get wallets and jump into defi and/or start staking. Some will, some wont. Conservative investors may just simply want to invest in crypto for long-term price appreciation. And I doubt they invest in an asset without a max supply.

I asssume the people against max supply are probably validator and some delegators. Who wouldn’t want to make infinite passive income from staking. But this needs to change.


Totally agree with this comment, you really are focused on what this needs, and I hope that we will see that soon, because if adoption were to arrive today we would be left behind for something that can easily be done, I know some things will change but it will to be worth it, let’s just see ourselves not only as a solid project but as a Project that can be a reserve of value for institutions or imagine that at least the crypto are regularized and Cosmos becomes publicly traded, who is going to invest in ATOM If instead of growing your money it decreases because there are more and more chips, I hope that the idea can be understood. Hopefully this will be seen by some developer who has the ability to analyze and project Cosmos much more than it is.

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Your issue is treating crypto pries as stocks dudes. They aren’t and got almost 0 to do with those characteristics if looked at closer. Most protocol prices resemble 1-1 behavior of national currencies. Which, I would love to see good working examples of with capped supply. Gold is not an example, as 1) it has no proven capped supply, 2) it has never been a solo national currency afaik

Yeah but gold has always been considered scarce, whichbis one of the reasons for its value. And its not like you can make gold whenever you please. Gold has plenty of use cases in the real world. Cant really compare to gold to crypto wirh unlimited supply. And i look at it like an asset, which is what it is. Those stock dudes look for assets that can bring good returns to their clients. Most of them will pass on crpytos with unlimited supply. Hard to predict price appreciation. Whether you crypto dudes like it or not, stock dudes with bring mass adoption, not retail or die hard crypto enthusiasts. Bitcoin is the prime example of capped supply. And as far as stocks, theybmay not have “capped” supplies, but they have intrinsic value unlike a lot of crypto projects and they dont just add more shares whenever they want. So it would call it a soft cap. But if a stock does dilute the market, it usually crash the price. So they just dont dilute when ever they want to. Unlimited max in crypto is consistently diluting the market.

You just ignored the fact that gold has 2 “buts” and still carried on bringing it up in your argument… In any case, Gold simply does not fulfill the required criteria. In fact, I simply brought it up as a bad example.

The value of gold is not scarcity. Scarcity has little to do with value.

  1. Value is in the eyes of the beholder (aka belief, which is a super powerful tool, don’t get me wrong. In fact, a lot of value is locked in belief)
  2. Value comes from the ability of a unit to be swapped / exchanged for goods and services without third parties. The more goods and services a given unit has, the more value it has.

Without offense, I highly suggest doing some macro research and some reading on how do economics work in general. I don’t mean stock behavior, but rather what are economics, what makes it up, what or who pull the strings, etc.

An inflationary (provable) computable token can have value as long as it is used. It’s not about the supply. Supply is a matter of inflow and outflow control in economics. Sometimes you want to reduce the price (against other currencies) and sometimes to bring it up, depending on macro mainly, but not only. Also, you might want to control a specific field of your economy, here supply control can also play a crucial role. Other examples include increase spending habits of your citizens, increase loan turnover, interest rates, GDP, etc (both micro and macro examples here).

Now, you don’t have to listen to me or study tokenomics deeply to believe these things. Most are observed in real life. You may also simply take examples. ETH - inflationary supply (still). YFI - capped supply. The math is simple here.

The price of ATOM will grow if usability (without third parties) grows. It’s really that simple.

Take any token and compare it to (newly added) accounts, and/or active accounts with minimal balance. You will see a correlation. Blockchain tokens are very similar to national currencies. In fact, they resemble GDP growth of (some) countries.

As of right now, ATOM has several utilities:

  1. Store of value for interchain minor (inside IBC)
  2. Payment for security (consumer chains, validators)
  3. Unit of account interchain major (the whole of crypto space) (I can assure you that people take atom as payment outside IBC, including salary payments for many years - that’s real use)
  4. Staking rewards

Check out how many ATOMs are out flowing IBC and how much ETH, BTC, etc comes in. I think this should show a lot. At this point, other countries are more attracted to bringing capital into Cosmos, than the other way around.

Number 1 is IMO the gold here. This doesn’t mean that this will happen on a permanent basis, but it works great today. It should be watched. Supply should be lowered at a point of no demand. Which is the opposite of today’s reality.

Often micro and macro influences on price are confused. Just as market conditions in general.

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Im not going to keep going back and forth because i do disagree with some of the things you said about gold, but for the most part i cant really argue against you rebuttal. But im very well aware of how economics work.

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