Monthly/Quarterly Reports for Cosmos

Hey, I work with PYOR, a blockchain analytics firm. We perform in-depth fundamental analysis of protocols and serve this data to institutions like Ribbit and Bernstein Capital through our product. We realized that these data points also assist the community/foundation by giving an exhaustive understanding of the protocol through customized dashboards and reports. Hence, we also work closely with protocols like Compound, Tezos, Quickswap, and ICP.

We’re proposing a detailed monthly/quarterly report for the Cosmos ecosystem. This report will comprehensively cover metrics across core Business KPIs (Active Users, Tx count per user, Revenue Generated per User, etc.), Financial Metrics (Gas Fees, Revenue, Fee per tx), Market Data(Market Cap, Volatility, Supply, Correlation, etc.), Detialed Retention Cohorts (We believe user retention is one of the greatest strengths of the Cosmos ecosystem, beating almost all major L1s/L2s), Peer comparison with other Chains.

Our dashboard shows that Month 1 retention of Cosmos is as high as 33%! While dropping to 14.7% by Month 6, which is still significantly higher than the other top chains. We’re also adding metrics for incentives to perform cause and effect analysis for retention.

Our value propositions with these reports are -

  1. Comprehensive understanding of the protocol for the community/foundation to structure initiatives and proposals to benefit the protocol through data-driven decision-making.
  2. The reports will be publicly accessible to all stakeholders, enabling a fundamental approach to investing in the protocol rather than a speculative approach.

I would love to link some of our past work (reports and dashboards) if given permission!

Happy to answer any questions and incorporate feedback from the community to strengthen our value propositions.

P.S. We’re backed by Castle Island Ventures, Coinbase, and prominent angels like Balaji Srinivasan. Our team previously were CXOs at CoinSwitch, a crypto exchange valued at over $2 billion and backed by a16z, Tiger Global, Sequoia Capital, and Paradigm Capital.


that sounds like very useful information, are you proposing to make a public glass node studio for the cosmos?

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These data points can be consumed in any fashion, we usually do standalone dashboards or curated reports (monthly/quarterly). This can be done as the community likes. In a report, we also add our interpretation layer on top of this data. Our value proposition lies in the curation of these metrics, the consumption can be agreed upon based on whatever is useful (studio, report, dashboards, etc.)

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@hub.tusz.mod could I get permission to share links to our past work?

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a glass node style studio or dashboard that makes it easy for normal people to analyze data like tableau or similar software seems far more useful for reducing information asymmetry than a curated signal alone (which can be very effectively used to manipulate the uninformed)

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The retention rates you’ve mentioned are particularly interesting, as they suggest a strong user engagement within the Cosmos ecosystem. Adding metrics for incentives and performing cause and effect analysis could further enhance the understanding of what drives retention. Your value propositions highlight the importance of data-driven decision-making and transparency, which are crucial in the blockchain industry. Making these reports publicly accessible aligns well with the ethos of decentralization and community participation.