Glassnode-style studio for cosmos

I had shared a proposal previously to curate research reports on Cosmos and got some insightful feedback from @common_spelling. Building on this feedback, we’re proposing to build a public Glassnode-style studio for Cosmos. This studio will entail interactive dashboards enabling custom users to build custom charts and graphs. Additional research reports, curated by our analysts, will also be made available. The studio will give an exhaustive view of the protocol covering data across –

1. Core business KPIs (DAU, WAU, MAU, Smart contracts deployed, Fee per user, etc.)

2. Financial Metrics (Gas Fees, Avg fee per tx, Revenue)

3. Market Data (Market Cap, Token Supply, Volatility, Correlation with BTC/ETH)

4. Retention Cohorts

5. Industry Benchmarking (Peer to Peer comparison of these metrics with top L1s/L2s)

Links to our past work:

Compound - PYOR | Compound

Quickswap -

Tezos - PYOR - Tezos Report - Jan 2023 - v1.pdf - Google Drive

Uniswap - Uniswap_November.pdf - Google Drive

Happy to answer any questions and incorporate feedback from the community to strengthen our value propositions.


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