Not to burn slashed ATOMs

Following the first double sign in mainnet and as a result of the 5% punishment some of us wondered where those ATOM were going.

Surprisingly those ATOMs are simply burned.

After an interesting conversation on one of the millions Telegram groups we finally thought that burning ATOMs after an slashing event is not the best destiny for them. For the contrary it was suggested to send them to the community pool or a similar wallet managed by community governance. Thus, we would give those ATOM a happy end with the chance of helping community projects.

The goal of this threat is to compose a proposal and submit it to the network.

Please, feel free to comment your ideas here.



Atom slashed have to be a Atom burned.


Legal stuff and Imagine get slashed intentionally only to obtain the Atoms of others.

Well here comes the legal. if the atoms are not burned then they can claim them, because it is like a robbery.


Those funds could be used to help create events, hackathons… or even to make a meeting with all the validators, I think that is not talking about sending funds to a person, but to the community, if you choose slash those ATOMs will not be for you, I think it is a good option leave those funds for the community.

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I think it is better to burn, for the deterrence.


There is a community tax pool for the purposes you’ve described @wimel .

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