Possible architecture for multiple types of tokens

Hi everyone! I would like to clarify one moment again. The picture shows two possible blockchain architectures with multiple types of tokens added on demand. First option is few instances on one physical node where one type of token corresponds to one chain, second option is multiple types of tokens on one chain. Shared and common data between different types of tokens is also assumed, for example, something like info about users and their roles. I would like to know an opinion on which architecture is preferable if later it is planned to add more and more different types of tokens that share common data. Are there any problems with scaling if we use the second architecture?

one node, one Blockchain network. there’s waaaaaaayyyy too much overhead for running an entirely different network just for another token. multiple chains would make composability a bit more complex as well.

tbh, I see zero benefit of running a separate chain soley for a different token

also, I don’t think your diagram is right. if you have a node, that is the itself a Blockchain. in your diagram you have a single node running multiple blockchains which doesn’t really make any sense