Proporsals 870 - what is it?

Can you tell me about proposals 870? Are they scammers? 51.9 ATOM and 1.3 stAtom disappeared from my cosmos1lcysx5uc089ka5l7u7gujn5kf84fdxwkcvl3e9 account to cosmos1jqz2205er0d8657ugll98c462cyplkcqldz4ct address. Help clarify the situation, please

It’s a scam proposal with a malicious link. I’m sorry, but you got scammed.

Who should I complain to?

Unfortunately, there’s not a central authority to “complain” to, nor is there a way to recover funds that have already left your wallet.

The UI on Mintscan shows live proposals, and scam proposals are filtered out unless you click this button:

Once you click, the scam proposals will show there.

It’s unfortunate, but nobody can assist with this if you click something and sign a transaction, as you’ve given rights to your funds to the attacker.

In the future, remember that if someone is promising you an airdrop, you should be extremely cautious about clicking links and signing transactions. I’d suggest joining a group of trusted community members to double check legitimacy of these types of things.