[Proposal] Cosmos EcofuseAI - Empowering the Cosmos Ecosystem with AI-Powered automated Tools and Infrastructure

Cosmos EcofuseAI - Empowering the Cosmos Ecosystem with AI-Powered automated Tools and Infrastructure

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Executive Summary

EcofuseAI seeks 39k ATOM in total funding, with 34k ATOM dedicated to tools and infrastructure development as described and 5k ATOM for one year of management including hosting, devops etc. Our suite of AI-powered tools and infrastructure, designed to benefit the Cosmos Ecosystem, offers streamlined development, heightened community engagement, improved user experiences, and enhanced foundation operations. We request 30% upfront, 35% upon Milestone 1 completion, and 35% after Milestone 2.

Why Support Us?

EcofuseAI enhances the Cosmos Ecosystem, benefiting Cosmos at scale:

  • Streamlines development and innovation.
  • Fosters community engagement.
  • Improves user experience.
  • Elevates foundation operations.

Funding Milestones

  • 30% upfront.
  • 35% upon Milestone 1 completion.
  • 35% after Milestone 2.


Problem Statement and Opportunity

Mission Statement: Empowering the Cosmos ecosystem with cutting-edge AI-powered tools and infrastructure that enhance development, engagement, and innovation.

In the Cosmos ecosystem, we encounter challenges stemming from information fragmentation, insufficient developer tools, overlooked early-stage project discussions, and untimely notifications. These problems impede our ability to work efficiently, collaborate effectively, and stay informed within the ecosystem.

Our solution involves leveraging machine learning and deep learning in conjunction with our proprietary tools and infrastructure—Cosmos EcofuseAI—to address these issues comprehensively.

How End Users Benefit

Users in the Cosmos ecosystem will experience the following benefits:

  1. Chat Guardians with Internet Browsing:

    • Description: A super helpful guardian that can also look up things on the internet for you. It’s like a guardian for the Cosmos ecosystem who never sleeps!
    • Features: You can talk to it, it can find info online, it can help you with any questions about Cosmos ecosystem, and it’s easy to use, fine-tuned and trained for cosmos exclusively.
  2. Specialized LLM Model (Large Language Model):

    • Description: This is a super smart automated computer friend specially trained for Cosmos. It knows a ton about Cosmos ecosystem and can help you with anything you want to know.
    • Features: It knows everything about Cosmos, gives you the right answers, and can talk to you like a friend.
  3. VS Code Extension:

    • Description: Imagine adding magic tools to your writing program (like a super special notebook) that helps you code better and faster for Cosmos ecosystem.
    • Features: It gives you ready-made code, makes your writing colorful, suggests what to write, and even helps fix mistakes.
  4. Automated Coding Support:

    • Description: These are like little robots that help you when you’re making things on the Cosmos ecosystem. They give you tips and help fix mistakes.
    • Features: They find mistakes in your work, tell you how to do things the best way, and help make your projects run smoothly.
  5. Automated Query Answers:

    • Description: Imagine a magic tool that knows all the answers about Cosmos. It can tell you things instantly without you waiting.
    • Features: It answers your questions right away, gives you the right information, and understands how you talk.
  6. AI-Powered Documentation:

    • Description: Your dedicated automated mentor in the world of Cosmos Ecosystem, crafted with advanced technology.
    • Features: These guides will be crafted to simplify complex concepts, making them as clear as possible. They do not just stop at the basics; they also unveil hidden insights you might not stumble upon otherwise. These documents are interactive, letting you actively engage with the content, much like an exciting puzzle. Plus, they are multilingual, speaking your language effortlessly. These guides are equipped to provide real-time automated assistance to users as they navigate the documentation, answering queries and offering guidance.
  7. Chat Bots and Embedding Feature:

    • Chat Bots: Imagine little robots that can talk to you just like a friend. We are making special robots that know a lot about Cosmos ecosystem. These robots can answer your questions and help you find information, like having a smart friend by your side.
    • Embedding Feature: Think of a magic box that we can put on websites or in apps. Inside this box, there is the robot. So, when you are on a website or using an app, you can talk to the robot without leaving that place. It is like getting answers and help right where you are.

Adoption by the Foundation:

  • Foundation Official Channels: The Cosmos foundation can use these tools in their official places where they talk to people, like their websites or socials etc.
  • Enhancing Support: These tools can help the foundation’s support be even better. When people have questions, they can get answers super quickly without waiting for someone to write back. The automated guardian knows a lot, so it can help a lot!
  • User-Friendly Communication: Using these tools in the official places makes it easy for people to talk to Cosmos. They can find answers and get help without having to look all over the place. It is like having a helpful friend right there whenever you need.

Project Solves the Problem

In the Cosmos ecosystem, we recognize several challenges and problems such as scattered information, inadequate developer tools, missed early-stage project discussions, and delayed information about events. To address these issues, we are implementing a set of solutions:

24/7 Guardian: We are creating a 24/7 Guardian in the form of Cosmos EcofuseAI that consolidates information, making it easier for users to access updates, announcements, and resources relevant to the Cosmos ecosystem. This hub will serve as a one-stop destination for all relevant information.

Enhanced Developer Tools: Our focus is on improving the development experience by enhancing existing tools and offering practical coding assistance. Developers will benefit from more efficient tools such as a dedicated AI-powered VS Code extension and resources tailored to their needs.

Onboarding New Developers: To prevent missed early-stage project discussions and help onboard new developers and community members, Cosmos EcofuseAI will regularly train itself on all ongoing projects. This will allow new developers and community members to quickly familiarize themselves with new projects they wish to contribute to.

Proactive Notification System: We plan to introduce a proactive notification system, including auto-updating event calendars. This system will deliver timely updates, event details, and announcements, ensuring that users are promptly informed of important developments.

By implementing these solutions, we aim to enhance efficiency, foster collaboration, and improve community awareness within the Cosmos ecosystem.

Project Origin

Our journey began with a vision to democratize web3 exploration. EcofuseAI was born from a passion for combining AI and blockchain, becoming the guardian that bridges the gap between users and the decentralized realm.

Core Team

Founder: Piyush Choudhary

Chaitanya Rai


  • Role: AI/ML Co-Lead
  • Experience: Strong knowledge of WEB3, blockchain, and deep understanding of the Safe ecosystem.
  • GitHub Profile: https://github.com/krypto-kiddo

Safayet Alam

  • Role: MERN Stack Developer
  • Experience: Highly experienced in creating interactive, responsive, user-friendly, and smooth frontends.
  • GitHub Profile: https://github.com/safayetdib

Abdul Al Numan

  • Role: Full Stack Developer
  • Experience: Highly experienced in building interactive UIs and managing complex backends and API integration.
  • GitHub Profile: https://github.com/numangit

With our team of highly experienced, talented, and innovative developers from diverse technical backgrounds, we are well-equipped to deliver high-quality results.

Milestone 1: Deliverables and Tasks

Chat Guardians with Internet Browsing

  • Description: Your ever-vigilant guardian, always at your service, capable of internet searches.
  • Features:
    • Interactive Conversations: Implement natural language processing to engage users in interactive and user-friendly conversations.
    • Online Information Retrieval: Develop the ability to browse the internet to fetch real-time information, updates, and resources relevant to the Cosmos ecosystem.
    • Assistance with Cosmos Ecosystem: Ensure the chat guardians can provide assistance, answer questions, and offer guidance.

Specialized LLM Model (Large Language Model)

  • Description: Your automated, Cosmos-savvy computer friend, knowledgeable and friendly. This specialized LLM will be meticulously fine-tuned and trained on vast data, ensuring a deep understanding of the Cosmos Ecosystem.
  • Features:
    • In-depth Knowledge: Train the LLM to possess extensive knowledge about the Cosmos Ecosystem, covering topics such as projects, governance, and technology.
    • Accurate Responses: Ensure the LLM provides precise and reliable answers to user queries and concerns.
    • Friendly Interaction: Develop a friendly and approachable conversational style for the LLM to engage users effectively.

AI-Powered Documentation

  • Description: Your dedicated automated mentor in the world of Cosmos Ecosystem, crafted with advanced technology.
  • Features:
    • Simplified Explanations: Create documentation with simplified explanations and intuitive visuals to enhance understanding.
    • Hidden Insights: Uncover hidden insights and valuable tips within the documentation to aid users in their journey.
    • Interactivity: Implement interactive elements within the documentation for a dynamic learning experience.
    • Multilingual Support: Offer documentation in multiple languages to cater to a diverse global audience.
    • Real-time Automated Assistance: Provide real-time automated assistance to users as they navigate the documentation, answering queries and offering guidance, powered by advanced AI/ML algorithms.

Automated Query Answers

  • Description: Your instant-answer magic tool for all things Cosmos.
  • Features:
    • Immediate Responses: Ensure rapid response times to user queries, minimizing wait times.
    • Accurate Information: Deliver precise and up-to-date information on Cosmos ecosystem topics.
    • Natural Language Understanding: Develop the ability to understand and respond to user queries in natural language, enhancing user engagement and satisfaction.

Milestone 2: Deliverables and Tasks

Automated Coding Support

  • Description: Your coding companions, providing tips and error assistance.
  • Features:
    • Error Detection: Implement error detection mechanisms to identify and flag coding errors and issues.
    • Best Practice Guidance: Offer guidance on best coding practices to help developers optimize their projects.
    • Project Optimization: Develop tools that assist in project optimization, ensuring smoother and more efficient development processes.

VS Code Extension

  • Description: Your coding magic toolbox for Cosmos ecosystem development.
  • Features:
    • Code Snippets: Provide a library of code snippets that developers can easily integrate into their projects.
    • Syntax Enhancement: Improve code syntax with intelligent suggestions and auto-completion features.
    • Automated Error Correction: Develop mechanisms to automatically detect and correct common coding errors and issues.

AI-Powered Chat Bots

  • Description: Intelligent automated companions for Cosmos social platforms like Discord, Telegram, forums, and other socials. These chat bots are your knowledgeable friends, deeply familiar with the Cosmos Ecosystem, always ready to assist.
  • Features:
    • Engage in Friendly Conversations: Enable chat bots to engage users in friendly and informative conversations.
    • Instant Access to Information: Provide users with instant access to a wealth of information about the Cosmos Ecosystem.
    • Seek Help with Questions: Allow users to seek help with their questions and concerns, receiving prompt and accurate responses.
    • Sentiment Analysis: Implement sentiment analysis capabilities to gauge community sentiment and offer insights.
    • Concise Summarizations: Offer concise summarizations of recent activities and discussions within the Cosmos community.

Embedding Feature

  • Description: AI/ML powered magic box for websites and apps, bringing the chat bots wherever you are. Foundation can embed on the official website of Cosmos for quick assistance within seconds.
  • Features:
    • Seamless Integration: Ensure seamless integration of the chat bots into websites and apps, providing users with immediate access to information and support.
    • On-site Assistance: Offer on-site assistance to users, eliminating the need to navigate away from the website or app.
    • Immediate Access to Information: Enable users to access relevant information and resources within seconds, enhancing user experience and convenience.


With EcofuseAI, we are ushering in a new era of accessibility, knowledge, and support within the Cosmos ecosystem. Our suite of AI-powered tools and infrastructure aims to transform the way users engage with Cosmos, making information readily available, simplifying development processes, and fostering a more informed and collaborative community.

Join us on this transformative journey as we embark on a mission to empower the Cosmos ecosystem with the next generation of AI-powered solutions.



Governance votes

The following items summarize the voting options and what it means for this proposal:

NO -
NO WITH VETO - A ‘NoWithVeto’ vote indicates a proposal either (1) is deemed to be spam, i.e., irrelevant to Cosmos Hub, (2) disproportionately infringes on minority interests, or (3) violates or encourages violation of the rules of engagement as currently set out by Cosmos Hub governance. If the number of ‘NoWithVeto’ votes is greater than a third of total votes, the proposal is rejected and the deposits are burned.
ABSTAIN - You wish to contribute to quorum but you formally decline to vote either for or against the proposal.

Thank you

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cc @hub.tusz.mod : please give permission to add/attach links into our proposal.


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Better suited to go through AADAO. Interesting idea, but I think AADAO. Also, AI blockchains are very early & the usecases are set in stone how they draw revenue back to the L1. Best of luck!


Hello @boldpanther thank you for your detailed write-up. I post here as a representative of the ATOM Accelerator DAO (AADAO), a grant focused DAO owned by the Cosmos Hub and delivering grants in order to develop the Cosmos Hub and AEZ ecosystem.
I believe you would likely find a better fit with AADAO. Plus, we’re interested in AI tooling.
Only caveat: we just closed applications but we hope to reopen at the end of November following the possible renewal of our mandate.

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Thank you, @Youssef, for your response and kind words. However, waiting until the end of November is not ideal as it will extend the implementation timeline.

Currently, we are well-positioned to execute on everything we have outlined in our application. Is there a possibility that we can begin executing and building these tools now, with the understanding that we will be compensated as per our request through AADAO when the next batch begins?

If we commence now, we will invest our own resources, time, and engineering efforts, expecting compensation as per our proposal through AADAO in the upcoming batch. This approach not only demonstrates our credibility but also allows us to complete the development of these tools by the end of January. Furthermore, by the end of November 2023, we will already have some of these tools ready at production level exclusively trained for cosmos.

If this is not feasible, we can draft a proposal to receive 25% of our requested funding from the community pool now, with the remainder allocated through AADAO in the subsequent batch.

Looking forward to your views. cc @Youssef @jacobgadikian

Thank you

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i’m reading “Cosmos ecosystem” at least 5 times in your post. then why Atom CP alone should give a grant?

some day we’re going to need to really focus on Atom chain/AEZ fundings. Atom has already funded enough “Cosmos ecosystem” tools for years.

to me even AADAO shouldn’t fund this. it should be ICF/IBP or a shared funding from diverse CPs.

edit: ho and please please no retroactive grants. that sucks 9/10 times.

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:slight_smile: Well ATOM is the name of native token of cosmos. Its called COSMOS only:)

I don’t know how to give explanation to your comment where your are just mocking the use of name COSMOS which is itself a correct form:))

sorry if you feel i’m mocking, i’m not.

i just don’t see how this funding could help Atom specifically, and in my view 39k Atom, potentially at least worth $500K in some months is way to high for the value your tools could bring.

i think i’m going to make a proposal for the Hub to stop giving grants from CP when the token price is at a 2 years long all time low.

I just wanted to say hello to Cyber and Bostrom in this case

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Hey @boldpanther,

could you elaborate what the differences between your solution and using the OpenAI API (GPT-4, fine tuning, etc.) are and what advanatges there are? Or is your product basically an implementation of the API?