[PROPOSAL #][DRAFT] Gaia v9-Lambda Upgrade

2022-05-16 Initial proposal for comment

Upgrade Cosmos Hub to Gaia v9-Lambda


This is a place holder proposal to begin discussion about the Lambda upgrade prior to release of software and on-chain proposal. Until the proposal is created I will put the outline of the roadmap with proposed features included in this upgrade so discussion can happen below.

v9-Lambda Upgrade (expected Q3 2022)

  • Gaia v9.0.x
  • Interchain Security v1 - Required Participation of Provider Chain Validators
    • The Cosmos solution to shared security that uses IBC Cross Chain Validation (CCV) to relay validator set composition from a Provider Chain (Cosmos Hub) to a Consumer Chain. This validator set is in charge of producing blocks on both networks using separate nodes. Misbehavior on the Consumer Chain results in slashing Provider Chain staking tokens (ATOM).
    • Allows independent modules like Gravity DEX or Bridge to live on separate chains with their own development cycles.
  • Liquid Staking
    • Frees secure and low-risk delegations for use in other parts of the Cosmos ecosystem
    • Features include enabling transfer of rewards and voting rights