[PROPOSAL #][DRAFT] Gaia v10-Epsilon Upgrade

2022-05-16 Initial proposal for comment

Upgrade Cosmos Hub to Gaia v10-Epsilon


This is a place holder proposal to begin discussion about the Epsilon upgrade prior to release of software and on-chain proposal. Until the proposal is created I will put the outline of the roadmap with proposed features included in this upgrade so discussion can happen below.

v10-Epsilon (expected Q4 2022)

  • Gaia v10.0.x
  • IBC Queries
  • Hub ATOM Liquidity (HAL)
    • Protocol Controlled Value application to acquire ATOM LP tokens with Interchain Security Tokens

As an Atom stakeholder, I’m looking forward to seeing what people can come up with for making Atom useful in the interchain. Interchain security is a great first step in solidifying the hub’s role and forming a mutually beneficial bond between new chains and the hub.

For a while now, Atom’s potential has taken a back seat in favor of shipping huge features that benefit Cosmos as a whole. Now that the interchain is growing, IBC is provably real (and awesome) i’m excited to see what we can finally do to realize it’s potential.