Proposal: Update ATOM Token Icon


Hi all. Wanted to start a discussion around updating the ATOM token’s icon.

Brand Updates ?? Brand Updates!!

Recently, two large blockchain projects have announced branding/iconography updates via governance. This involved uniswap’s brand update, which included 3 new icons, and Polkadot’s brand update, which involved a total overhaul of the feel of the brand. I believe the ATOM token could benefit from this as well.

Why should we do this?

Currently the ATOM token is quite generic, and looks quite similar to another project I’m sure most of us are aware of, React. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but I feel that there isn’t a lot in the Cosmos Hub icon that distinguishes it as the great product it is.

Judging by the Cosmos Network website, there is a good amount of design talent in our grasp. However, the token icon hasn’t reflected the visual upgrades the website has undergone, nor the upgrades to the cosmos hub itself. We now have the Gravity DEX, Emeris, and more to come that are interacting with or directly in the Cosmos hub.

What should we do?

I’m posting this just to gauge how the community feels about this issue, however I would like to throw out some possible suggestions to bring this to fruition.

  • Allocate ATOMs to fund a design team to come up with some new icons
  • Have the cosmos hub team themselves spin up new designs

Thanks for reading! Appreciate any feedback.


Great to see the energy here! As the team responsible for the Cosmos brand design to date, I’d like to assure you we’re acutely aware of the issues highlighted here.

We’re very keen to evolve the brand and improve the image (and value) of ATOM to better reflect the token’s importance and true potential at the heart of this ecosystem. It’s one of our key objectives as we scale our Design team to meet the demands of such a crucial undertaking. We’re committed to ensuring that the brand remains engaging, valuable, and relevant.

As you’re aware, earlier this year we started an overhaul of the website and marketing channels, for example, bringing the brand into a new space (pun intended) that better reflected the multi-chain ecosystem Cosmos has become post-IBC launch. We plan to continue this path with further refinements as we begin to focus on other dimensions of the identity.

Rest assured, things will gradually align across all assets and touchpoints. There is a lot of high-impact work to do, so we hope the community will continue to trust us with the task of upholding high standards in design for the brand moving forward. Naturally, it’s vital to have the community onboard with such efforts, so we’ll endeavor to share our progress at key milestones to open the floor for feedback. Looking forward to working together on this!