Query on types of transactions

Are there any ways to query all transactions of certain types, e.g. “cosmos/Delegate”, “gov/TextProposal”, etc on gaia? I expect no validator have changed the settings of index_tags and index_all_tags. Even there are tags implemented in the stake and gov modules, I believe these tags are not being indexed. Then the RPC /tx_search and /subscribe endpoints won’t work. It would be ideal if I can make a websocket connection and make /subscribe request with tm.event and query the types of the txs.

I did not fully understand what you were saying… The initial setting is index_all_tags = true, so if you have not changed your setting, the indexing appears to work. And when I saw this part https://github.com/cosmos/cosmos-sdk/blob/develop/baseapp/baseapp.go#L542, although not in gaia 8001, the latest version seems to include the name of the msg in the tag. Perhaps this is similar to what you want

Thank you for the reply. I have just run gaiad init and the new config.toml has index_all_tags = true. I found this has been changed on 9 Aug.


I think many of the validators on gaia-8001 still have old config file which default to be false, considering gaia-8001 started in early Aug. When I do /subscribe, I can’t subscribe to any tm.event with any tags.