Regen Network: An Overview of An Ecological Cosmos Blockchain Zone

Regen Network is developing a Cosmos zone specifically dedicated to ecological monitoring and contracting with the aim to empower natural climate change solutions.

Did you know that we could reverse climate change by changing agriculture and land use to be regenerative? The challenges to making that happen are economic coordination issues, perfect for a domain specific blockchain.

That’s what we are building. Trustless Compute, Strongly Typed Smart Contracting Language, Environmental Science Applications using remote sensing, streaming IoT, and bonded third party verification of claims makes our platform for ecological agreements cryptographically secure and scientifically robust.

Our blockchain makes it possible to generate and trade NFT that are generated by verified ecological state claims. This takes carbon markets, green bonds, ecosystem service markets (currently a 36 Billion dollar market) and biodiversity conservation to the next level: where it needs to be for our species and economy to survive climate change.

Nothing short of Planetary Regeneration:

Science Paper
Technical Architecture
Git Hub
Git Lab

We will be engaging here around the details of our zone, and cross posting into other forum topics to lead the way as a Cosmos Zone in service to ecological health, and the health of the Cosmos Project Ecosystem.


The purpose of this post is to strategize about bringing the Cosmos developer and Validator community together around thinking about the ideal way in which a Cosmos Zone should launch (and the thousands of Cosmos Zones in the future), and to ensure Regen Network ( is a precedent setter on this path.

Regen Network will be launching our public chain in the coming months and we recognize the opportunity and responsibility to launch our chain in such a way that sets a positive precedent for other hubs and zones to contribute positively to the overall health of the Cosmos Community.

We have our ideas of what this looks like but would like to invite the Validator and Dev communities to discuss the different factors that would contribute to the health and vitality of the whole so that we can make conscious design choices going forward.

We’d like to get more conversation and context around opinions in a variety of areas. We’re very engaged on the technical development side with the SDK, but feel there is the need to engage more on the economics, token distribution and governance side of things to socialize our ideas and understand the spectrum of strategies and opinions represented in the community to make good choices and grow a health Cosmos Zone that serves our users (land stewards and funders) and use case (ecological health) as well as service the larger Cosmos Ecosystem.

Topic Areas

Shared Governance Structure for a Cosmos Zone

Token Distribution

  • Discounted token sales to Validators
    • What discount? How many?
  • Airdrop to ATOM holders?
    • Legal considerations?
    • Tax considerations?
    • Vesting and lock up schedule design
  • % of tokens earmarked for Open-Source Development Grants?
  • Ideal token allocation goals to ensure decentralization and network security.
  • Token listing strategies
    • To IEO or not to IEO
    • Market making strategies

Validator Economics

  • Sharing our assumptions about validator economics and the relationship with token price projections
  • Adding trusted compute to our network and the relationship with validators
    • Do you like this idea? Want to earn fees by running compute? Or would you prefer to have other actors in the system providing this function?
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After a quick conversation with Jack we are excited to be working on a token distribution plan that ensures adoption, decentralized and healthy governance of the network, and healthy price discovery.

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