Secure Secrets - Validator Profile

Moniker: Secure Secrets
Validator: cosmosvaloper15ytx6mflyrxynjerqlud6w646v6u3qvtjtfane
Telegram: @mohammedpatla

Hello Cosmos,

We are a team of devs that are building in the cosmos space, one of our core contributions is towards Shade Protocol. We actively contribute to the space to move decentralization to the next stage in the global economy.

We secure multiple well know networks including Secret Network, Juno, Osmosis, Terrav2.

We had also submitted a proposal on the cosmos Proposal 66 to increase the active validator set with Blocks United.

You can reach us on our socials as well:
Twitter :
Telegram: Contact @securesecrets

We look forward to the continued support on Cosmos chains and the Hub.

Secure Secrets Team