Something is quite wrong

I have been placed in the unfortunate and likely dangerous situation, not to mention completely unprofitable situation, of needing to hold the interchain foundation accountable on a number of matters, both indirectly and directly.

It has been about six months since I’ve Bruce began to speak to the interchain foundation about their delegation policy. I had no idea that things were this bad until a few days ago. I would like to give the community some sense of the amount of work that this text. You see, it’s not terribly effective to mention this in private messages, that has completely failed. That is what the foundation team asked of me, and I did that. Absolutely nothing happened.

I need for the community to understand that i’ve spent about 96 hours on this. I have been criticized for my approach by an ICF grant recipient who happens to run this forum, and by members of ICF funded organizations but definitely not by anyone on what I believe to be the more effective teams, that run the cosmos SDK and IBC go.

Please do understand that I am not saying that cosmos is a monolithic thing or that everything the ICF funds is bad.

I am facing organizational resistance to this information from the foundation. The information is accurate so they attack my character and even my software contributions to the cosmos hub.

let’s take a midsized and I believe anon delegate of the icf, and get a realistic idea of the size of the financial flow that I am attempting to interrupt.

136,481 * 7 = 955,367

Whoopsie anyone ever get hurt over a million dollars? Yeah. But you’re defending this non participatory validator. Pe4x72. You icf.

But wait, peak price was more like 45

And the interchain foundation finally noticed. We should go far deeper into this, however.