ICF delegation recipients who sell all

Hi I am jacob and like I said I fear of retaliation by the interchain foundation and I believe that I have already experienced significant retaliation by the interchain foundation through a contractor of theirs.

But at the end of the day, I got into this for reasons. I didn’t get into this to make a ton of money although I’m really really grateful that I’ve been able to cobble something together. I got into this because I felt that stuff was broken.

I’m so sorry to tell you guys, stuff is so much worse than I ever thought.

I think that Gaia is savable.

But look at this:

I should not have needed to do this. I should not have needed to suffer retaliation. We can’t have codes of conduct on software repositories when this is going on. Because any honest validator would work to expose it. I’m sorry that I didn’t see it sooner. When I originally went through the state a I didn’t even think to look and see if volunteers were selling literally almost every single item they earned. I went on their reputations, some of them theory well-established. I didn’t click on the validator wallets so I didn’t see claim, send claim, send claim, send claim, send claim, send claim, send claim, send.

But for the majority that I’ve checked so far that’s all there is. Now that’s not everybody it’s just almost everybody. Many of the icf delegation recipient validator’s have not delegated to themselves in the past year.

Forbole does lots of software development work. They’re contributor to many pieces of software around cosmos. Probably the best of this bunch. But from what I can see, they contribute lots to sell pressure.

Why do I need to do this? This is unreasonable.

ICF prefers this to a wide array of more participatory validators:

That is the wallet of pe4x72. They sign blocks fairly decently, and do literally nothing else.

BTW, ICF addresses, should you wish to research this further, are:

But it is ugly.


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