STARS tokens disappeared


I swapped OSMO, DVPN,HUAHUA to STARS on osmosis about a week ago and later kept in my keplr. Today I was about to check the value of those tokens after the market crash, however it showed 0, then I checked on Mintscan and there was no any transaction history.

My wallet has been hacked as I saw some of my other coins were transferred to an address. However, it isn’t the same case for STARS. Is it possible that the tokens were stolen without transaction history?

I remember that I had between3XX STARS after the swap. I saw these tokens in my wallet a few times.

Thank you

tokens cannot disappear: if they are moved to another destination you will be able to track this via explorer.
Most of the time when wallet/explorer suddenly shows 0 is this is just a temporary situation due to a downtime of the service provider node: is the disruption persisting or are you able now to see the tokens (or at least the transaction of the scammer)?