Suggested tagging and naming conventions for proposals


Title conventions help people see proposal progress at-a-glance in the forum.
URL’s to forum posts are generated using a combination of the title slug and the post’s numerical ID. They ought to continue working even as the title is edited as long as the link contains the ID number.

In addition to naming conventions, please make use of the tags for proposal stages as well. These tags mirror the naming convention and are easier to use as filters and for external tooling to parse.

Use this naming convention for the top-level post in the thread.

[Proposal ##][STAGE] {Title of proposal}

  • Until a proposal moves on-chain it won’t have a ##. That’s fine! Just use [Proposal] until you’re on-chain :tada:
  • Proposals go through several stages throughout their life. The author of the top-level post is responsible for keeping the title up-to-date with where the proposal is.
  • The title should be something that clearly communicates what you hope to accomplish.

Proposal stages

  • DRAFT: A period to engage in discussion and respond to feedback and review from core stakeholders and community members.
  • LAST CALL yyyy-mm-dd: Serves as a clear notification that the proposal is close to being put to VOTE ON CHAIN. Changing a status to LAST CALL means that social consensus has been reached and we still want to give it a limited amount of time (i.e., 2 days) to let the community continue to react or analyze.
  • DEPOSIT: Proposal has moved on-chain but not met the minimum deposit threshold. It is seeking contributions to the deposit. Not all proposals will move through this stage.
  • ABANDONED: Proposal has been dropped before moving on-chain.
  • VOTE ON-CHAIN: The proposal is on-chain and able to be voted on.
  • NO DEPOSIT: Proposal was rejected for not reaching minimum deposit threshold.
  • ACCEPTED: The proposal met quorum and passed the vote.
  • REJECTED: The proposal met quorum but was rejected.
  • NO QUORUM: The proposal did not meet quorum during the voting period.
  • VETOED: The proposal met quorum and was rejected with a veto.


For example:

[Proposal ##][STAGE] {Title of proposal}
[Proposal 56][VOTE ON CHAIN] ⚛️ Add IBC Router to Hub ⚛️
[Proposal 54][ACCEPTED] Increase Max Validator Set Size to 150
[Proposal][DRAFT]: Splitting of Rewards from Voting Power
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