Ted Crypto.io - Validator Profile

Who are Tedcrypto?

Tedcrypto is a team of fully-doxxed tech-oriented people who fell in love with the Cosmos. With the understanding that the Cosmos is already built so well, with strong security, fast speed, decentralization, and sovereignty all in mind, we want to be involved from multiple angles for the long term. We care strongly about security and strengthening the chain together with other validators. We are always ready for open discussion regarding new proposals on the chain.

What is TedLotto?

Tedlotto is a platform for giving lottery tickets to delegators free of charge. if the ticket a delegator recieves matches the weekly prize ticket, extra rewards can be claimed and distributed to this address. We feel this adds a bit of fun, a bit more decentralisation and a bit of creativity for those choosing to delegate with us.

Roadmap for Tedcrypto

We want to contribute as much as possible to Cosmos and improve the whole ecosystem. We will be reviewing code, proposing code changes, attempting to fix issues and provide a relaying service. (This should be ready by the end of September, after well deserved holidays and before the next bull!)

We also want to actively help other validators by designing open-source software such as validator commission scripts that make it more smooth to withdraw rewards or send them to multiple wallets. Secondly we have created a Twitterbot that allows people to interact and query the APR of different Cosmos assets.

We eventually want to expand our lotto to the whole Cosmos, sometimes through partnerships with other validators such CROnquerors on $CRO and more recently Agoric with Stake2Earn.


Jose “Josh_Lopes” Lopes

Our lead developer, Jose, has over eighteen years experience in the IT sector and brings a wealth of coding knowledge to the forefront. Jose started coding at 15, and by 20 he became a client manager. By 25 Jose became a Senior Web Developer working in e-commerce websites and logistics. Jose intends to contribute to the Cosmos community by building an open-api/indexer for everyone. So people can build apps around it, removing dependency on public RPCs, spikes, delays etc.

James “Crypto Conscious” Snell

James has a degree in Financial management, a Masters in Economics and fluent Mandarin. James is deeply into innovative solutions for business and believes the Cosmos is the future. Consequently James actively creates high-quality content regarding multiple organisations on the Cosmos to introduce innovation to the general public. James’s goal is filling the Cosmos marketing gaps by helping the average person understand the more technical side of new projects and their use cases. We all grow together.

José “JC” Cunha

The final team member JC is a healthcare professional Managing his own company in France. JC speaks multiple languages including English, Portuguese and French. JC is passionate about financial markets, has been involved in crypto since late 2018, and is a self-taught, active consumer of crypto innovation. JC fell in love with crypto tech in the early days and loves the nature of transparency, decentralisation and technology combined. JC wants to be as active as possible within the Cosmos and aspire to help as many non-english speakers as possible understand the innovation involved.

Open source

Our open source products are:

  • Validator “Restake” commission scripts - (Validator Scripts)
  • Cosmos/Crypto twitter bot