Undelegated -> Delegate wait time?

I undelegated a couple days ago and can’t seem to delegate ATOMS back in (using Polychain Labs). Just curious if there’s a wait time if you undelegate? Thanks all.

There is a 21 days waiting period for unbonding.

You’re supposed to be able to redelegate immediately without having to wait for 21 days (I have also read that you can undelegate/redelegate immediately only once, but I am not sure about this)

I hope that someday rebonding to other delegator will be enabled

Here is the scenario you’ve initiated

  1. Unbond tokens
  2. Wait 21 days
  3. Delegate to a new validator

Here is an alternative

  1. Instead of unbonding, redelegate tokens immediately using lunie.io
    Read more here: https://bit.ly/2MFqgBs